Episode 109: Tim and Matt Crush a little on Andrew Whyte!


Matt and Tim are joined by Andrew Whyte to talk about Open Theism and we open a bunch of doors down the Christianity corridor. We hope you like Andrew because we expect you’ll be hearing a lot from him.
Andrew’s bona fides-

Rethinking Hell podcast- episodes 70 and 71
Unbelievable?- Episode from Oct 31 2009 Preterist, Dispensational and Liberal views of the return of christ.
Episode from June 23rd 2014 Greg Boyd and Andrew Whyte

Episode from July 10th 2015 Andrew Whyte vs Nabeel Qureshi

Youtube channel- Just search youtube for Christian Diversity and his stuff will come up.

Episode 97: Facebook Admin Chris joins Matt and Tim!

The title says it all, folks. Plus a Bible Jeopardy! and a long overdue Tournament of the Gods!

Head over to the Facebook page to let Chris know she’s doing a great job.
Here’s the note from Lindsay:
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Childhelp® is a national organization that provides crisis assistance and other counseling and referral services. The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline external link is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with professional crisis counselors who have access to a database of 55,000 emergency, social service, and support resources. All calls are anonymous. Contact them at 1.800.4.A.CHILD FREE (1.800.422.4453).
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This material may be freely reproduced and distributed. However, when doing so, please credit Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Also checkout the national child traumatic stress network (nctsn.org) for educational information about the many types of traumas, evidence based treatment options, And resources to find help. Click the resources tab and click get help now to find many hotlines to help in traumatic situations.

Episode 94: Professor Stephen enjoyed the hell out of this!

Tim and Matt are joined by Professor Stephen of Atheists on Air fame. Great talk. We play a game of undetermined characteristics and discuss a form of woo that I’ll keep secret for now.
In other news, Tim was a guest on the Waiting 4 Wrath podcast and you should go check it out. The episode will air the same day as this episode. The date will be 6/25/15 and the episode number should be 33. Go listen!

S2-Ep13: Justin Vacula joins Matt and the other guy!


Justin Vacula joins the dynamic duo to chat about activism and a whole mess of other stuff, including but not limited to: Gambling in small Pennsylvania towns, semi-pro wrestlers from small Pennsylvania towns, newscasters from small Pennsylvania towns, and some other stuff that’s not so Pennsylvania centric.

It was a really fun talk. We hope you enjoy it and also, how about you go check out some of the people we talked about this week? Huh, why don’t you go do that?

Justin Vacula is @justinvacula on Twitter. (In addition to his blog at justinvacula.com and anything else he mentioned.)

No Religion Required is @noreligionreq on Twitter.

Prophet Cast is @Prophetcast on Twitter.

… And Jelsamy is @JayRandomVictim and @amy_chall on the very same Twitter!

S2-Ep4.75: Science is Fucking Awesome, Guys! Trees?! Edition

Matt gives you the skinny on trees and why you should know your stuff about them.
Also, sorry about all the sound effects. They’re fun to play with.
We’ll announce the winners of the SkeptiQuiz challenge on Wednesday.

Veritasium: How can trees be taller than 10m?


Veritasium: The most amazing thing about trees


Episode 32: A Good Old-Fashioned Gender Bender!

This rant will probably be too long for the iTunes blurb so go check out the website for the full spiel.
Matt here. I recently took on a full time third shift job, had a baby and I still do the jewelry thing on the weekend. Oh, and I do this podcast thing, you may have heard of it. So, yeah, I’m busy. Still, I got this episode edited and ready to go three days before the release date! Then it vanished. The file was there but the audio wasn’t. Bummer. :-(
So, like any good podcast host, I re-recorded and re-edited the show and got it ready a day ahead of schedule. But, listening back, it isn’t quite as polished as I would like it to be. I simply don’t have time to fix it. Don’t fret, though, the only reason for the small dip in quality this week is because the file got corrupted.
I deserve an award, really, for everything I got done this week.
I don’t think a Nobel is asking too much. At least a Day Time Emmy, c’mon.
Anyway. I’m tired.
You guys have a good one!
Ps. Due to my new work schedule, I will be releasing the show earlier in the day on Wednesdays as I will be at work when I normally release it.
I hope that’s okay.
Love, Grand Poobah.

Episode 24: A Manual for Creating Atheists with Peter Boghossian

Peter Boghossian joins Matt and Tim to discuss his book, A Manual for Creating Atheists and to give some good advice for how to implement the ideas found in the book.
We will delve into the Socratic method in a later show, so look forward to that, but for now, go read this book. Seriously. Reading Boghossian’s book was a paradigm shift in how your humble hosts will be pursuing our activism from here on out.
If you care about being effective, go read this book now.

Episode 23.5: Humble Parasite Redux. Yeah, it was Matt’s fault.

Tim talks about being humble when confronted with new, superior ideas. Before that, he talks about our parasitic overlords.
Ps. Matt messed up and only published half of this episode the first time around. If it seemed short, maybe give it a second try. Also, Matt made some sweet new bumper music, so there’s that, too.

Episode 21: A Conversation with Ed Atkinson!

Friend of the show Ed Atkinson joins us to discuss Timothy Keller’s book The Reason for God. It was a fun talk.
Forgive the slightly lower quality of the audio and editing this week. We had so many technical issues that I’m surprised we actually got this one in the bag.
It’s a testament to our patience and eagerness to have such discussions that we did!
One last thing, Ed is an inventor and we talked about his invention in our first attempt at this show. I will add a link to his most recent invention and edit this bit when I hear back from Ed on where you can go look at it.

Episode 20.5: Matt Watches the Super Bowl and Immediately Sells his Soul to the Devil!

The title says it all this week, folks!
I forgot to mention in the show that we’ve had some great feedback lately, including a few five star ratings on iTunes, so thank you!
Okay, enjoy!




Episode 20: Humanism Part 1!

Matt and Tim talk a bit about Humanism! Whee! Also, there’s a whole lot of jibber-jabber. This episode was recorded months ago and then presumed lost as Matt couldn’t find it anywhere. Well, he found it, so here it is. The audio quality isn’t great, but there are some fun jokes in there.

I don’t think there was anything to link to in this episode. So… no extra stuff for you this week.

Now I feel bad. How about a cute little puppy?


Episode 19: Cold Reading!

Tim and Matt dissect cold reading and wow the shit out of you with their skills.

Dick jokes abound.

Also, this is, like, a super long episode…


Derren Brown Investigates: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtlhjsiBEDw

Ian Rowland – The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading:


An honest to goodness image of a real blue cat:



Episode 18.5: MATT IS BORED!

Matt didn’t have anything better to do than make a stupid little episode so, he made a stupid little episode.

Laminin and Louie Giglio video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6ooNcy0agI

Laminin image: http://www.growth-media.net/uploadfile/201002/19/1710566097.jpg

Panda Pareidolia!: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/77/30/ac/7730acd8414f3d93b608a8c3f12a6644.jpg

… I couldn’t find a link to the Oklahoma Baptist University course I liked, so just search for OBU Critical Thinking in iTunes. Sheesh, I can’t do everything for you!



Episode 18: Jake Farr-Wharton Joins Us to Talk About Genetics, Evolution, Breasts, Theology, Singlets, Male Pattern Baldness and Anthropology!

Jake Farr-Wharton joins Matt and Tim to discuss anthropology and then they pretty much cover every other subject known to humanity. It was a lot of fun!

A quick side-note, Matt has finally figured out his microphone issue so for the next guest show, he won’t sound like a transformer and a chicken trying unsuccessfully to make love. Drive shafts and cloaca just don’t mix. If you learn one thing from this episode, make sure that what I just said isn’t it.


Help support Jake and the approximately one million children who desperately need saving from the child sex slave ring by following this link: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/12-half-marathons-in-12-months

Support only Jake if you are a heartless scumbag by visiting his show: http://imaginaryfriendsshow.com

Episode 13: More “Live” Bible Stories!

Tim and Matt were in the same town again, so they got together and acted like children. Also, you get to hear their real voices because Matt didn’t want to do too much editing.



Episode 9: Interview with Ryan Weaver plus the Squirrel Skin of Great Appreciation

In episode nine, Tim and Matt interview Ryan Weaver, a high school student who is active in the secular and humanist movements.

Tim and Matt discuss the interview afterwards and when Tim conflates activism with aggression, Matt is too much of a wimp to confront him about it in a public forum.

One more thing, Matt knows what happens during the process of degloving, so let’s just let it go at that.




Episode 8: Halloweenies

In episode 8, Tim and Matt celebrate Halloween the only way they know how: by telling you everything you need to know about the devil. They also talk about Dante’s Inferno and some other stuff.
Ps. The listener feedback portion of the show will make a comeback next week. I had to cut it from this episode to keep it under the max file size. We still love you, but we figured you’d rather content over us saying your name.
Who am I kidding, right?

Episode 2: Matt’s Deconversion


Tim takes a fever dream journey with Matt back through Matt’s life. We usually recommend drinking heavily while listening to our podcast, at least one of us is usually drinking heavily during recording, but this time, we think you might want to do it sober or this episode might harsh your buzz.

Also, Matt still hasn’t quite got the hang of this whole editing audio thing yet.

Episode 1: Tim’s Deconversion Story

In this inaugural episode of Atheism 101 we learn a couple of things. Firstly, and perhaps obviously, we learn about how co-host Tim became an atheist. Secondly, we learn that co-host Matt doesn’t quite have a grasp on this whole editing thing. Don’t worry, we just recorded episode 7 and he’s had some practice since this episode.