Episode 32: A Good Old-Fashioned Gender Bender!

This rant will probably be too long for the iTunes blurb so go check out the website for the full spiel.
Matt here. I recently took on a full time third shift job, had a baby and I still do the jewelry thing on the weekend. Oh, and I do this podcast thing, you may have heard of it. So, yeah, I’m busy. Still, I got this episode edited and ready to go three days before the release date! Then it vanished. The file was there but the audio wasn’t. Bummer. 🙁
So, like any good podcast host, I re-recorded and re-edited the show and got it ready a day ahead of schedule. But, listening back, it isn’t quite as polished as I would like it to be. I simply don’t have time to fix it. Don’t fret, though, the only reason for the small dip in quality this week is because the file got corrupted.
I deserve an award, really, for everything I got done this week.
I don’t think a Nobel is asking too much. At least a Day Time Emmy, c’mon.
Anyway. I’m tired.
You guys have a good one!
Ps. Due to my new work schedule, I will be releasing the show earlier in the day on Wednesdays as I will be at work when I normally release it.
I hope that’s okay.
Love, Grand Poobah.