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This show contains questionable taste, bad jokes and good research. Your hosts will usually agree but when they don’t be prepared for petty name calling, whining and desperate call backs to poorly remembered or desperately googled research. They are human, after all. Feel free to call them on their bullshit, but if you do, be prepared for some blowback. Welcome to Atheism 101, a beginner’s guide to skeptical thinking.

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Entertaining Skeptics

October 29, 2014 by FONZstyle from United States

By far the most entertaining skeptic podcast I am listening to so far. The sound quality is much better (never bothered me anyway) and they are more organized. They are definitely a better product now as they evolved from the first show. Im still playing catch up, and Im looking forward to it. I love hearing about their interactions with the the religious and their arguments opposing religious dogma. Keep pumping this stuff out please!

Your friend, the baby eating atheist. 😉

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