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Everywhere we go people ask us who we are — at long last, here is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Matt comes from central Pennsylvania and went to East Stroudsburg University after a long and mediocre childhood. It was at ESU where Matt first started hallucinating his best friend Tim.

Their long friendship started at freshman orientation where Matt found himself feeling a little lonely because he was sitting alone. Luckily for Matt, he has a very strong imagination and before long Tim came to sit by him. Thus, a friendship was born.

Several years later, after Matt started taking anti-depressants, Tim’s visits became less and less frequent. This made Matt sad so he came up with a plan to keep Tim in his life. He was an atheist and saw a need for more of the kind of secular content that made him happy like God is Not Great and the podcast Reasonable Doubts. Out of several years of friendship, a podcast was born.

That’s all you need to know about Matt.

Tim also comes from central Pennsylvania because Matt’s mind was being lazy when it decided where Tim came from. Not much is known about Tim’s childhood except that he had a dog that lived to 50 or something crazy like that. Tim popped into existence in late August in the year 2000 and has been a good friend to Matt ever since. Because Matt doesn’t like how pudgy he is, his imaginary friend Tim is a fitness fanatic and something like a personal trainer but he doesn’t like it when Matt says “personal trainer.” Let’s go with “strength coach”. Yeah, that’ll do.

That is all you need to know about Tim.

Now you know all you ever needed to know about Matt and Tim. Don’t use it against them, please. We’re kind of trusting you on this one.

One last thing, your two hosts have the same favorite color: blue. Once again, this is because Tim is totally a figment of Matt’s imagination.

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